Data & Analytics Solutions

The majority of institutions pursuing strategic enrolment management have an abundance of data distributed across multiple locations, in a variety of formats. They are effectively data-rich and information poor. Our data and analytics services help you streamline data so it can be used to make better and more informed decisions. Our capabilities allow us to work with a full data stack to develop new data sources, assess and improve data quality, and ensure robust data governance and security.

  • Automated Data Pipelines & Data Warehouses
  • Data Planning & Strategy
  • Enrolment and Tuition Forecasts
  • Development and Visualization of Student Success Metrics

We believe all post-secondary institutions make better decisions when they have accurate, timely, and secure data, and our data & analytics solutions are designed to build solutions ideally suited to their unique institution and the challenges they face.

Thanks again. Plaid continues to impress. Not only have you built some really amazing tools, but they are robust enough to take even a substantive change to Banner in stride.
Sam Hannah | Research Analyst
Capilano University

Business Process Improvement

Business processes in higher education typically do not leverage the power and efficiency of new processes and the latest advances in technology. By bringing a wealth of experience with major systems, our business process improvement advisors can help you optimize investments in these systems and recommend when you might consider moving to something new. Along with technological help, we will also help you remove duplicate data, siloed systems, business process confusion, and allow your team to focus on helping students.

Our technology expertise includes; Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, Workday, numerous home-built systems; Dynamics, Greymatter, Salesforce, and other CRMs; and of course modern cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

  • Maximizing Investments in Technology
  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Support
  • Data Flow Automation

Training & Workshops

Our training services are designed to help those who work in higher education become comfortable working with data, as well as improve the skills of those already handling data. We understand that the focus of higher education is students, and our training is customized for people who are passionate about student data and will help them be more informed and make better decisions around student management. Our training is available as an on-demand service or customized to your specific needs.

In my experience, learning a new skill is easier when the topic and training is in context to our work. When the choice for Tableau training was to work with sales data or higher education data, the decision to work with Plaid was an obvious one. I could not have hoped for a better experience for my team.
Jodi Magee | Director, Institutional Research & Planning -
Queen's University
Tableau for Strategic Enrolment Management Professionals

Learn the foundations needed for success using data for Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM). Start with what kinds of data inform SEM and how it can be used to inform decisions. Then, connect to your data, build insightful charts and create interactive dashboards.

Data Integration for Higher Education Institutions

Institutional data lives in many different systems, and providing improved services for students, staff, and faculty requires having those systems communicate effectively. This training focuses on using Safe Software's FME to integrate data across the institution, combining data from separate systems to create new analytics, and tracking changes in data over time.

Introduction to Logical Data Fabric

Learn how post-secondary institutions can benefit from using the logical data fabric and data virtualization. This course focuses on connecting, inspecting, and governing any data source; combining and integrating business data; and consuming secure data in multiple formats using the Denodo platform.